Mrs. Michelle Lesser
Phone:  719-372-6777 
E-mail:  Mlesser@re-2.org

Happy 2017/2018 School Year Penrose Families, 

I am so excited to beginning this year with you!
Soon fall will be upon us…colder mornings, hoodies, boots, and jackets, say it isn’t so. Are you gearing up for a fall sports season of baseball, soccer, or even football? If you are like me, your family is still trying to get used to the new school schedule and establishing a routine. Why is it so easy to get out of the routine and so difficult to get back into one?   Trying to get out of the house with one more person has made my life a tad more complicated. That is correct; Cade is in kindergarten this year! I have to worry about getting both of us to school!  I have to worry about homework. I have to worry about a bedtime routine that includes reading every night. I have to pack two lunches.  I have to watch and navigate 3 schedules. Oh poor me.

Speaking of routines and schedules, our staff and students are developing routines. Great things are happening in classrooms all across the school, from “get to know you” games to team building activities, and lots of learning already. I am so proud.  I attribute this great start to a fantastic staff! We have gathered the best of the best to instruct, support, and love your children.

I hope you will help me welcome our new Penrose staff members:  

Rachel Sutton-  5th Grade

Becky Viboolsittiseri-  Special Education Paraprofessional

Nancy Martinez- Special Education Paraprofessional


As always we are committed to ensuring the success of every child at Penrose Elementary. This year we will focus on increasing student achievement in the core areas of reading, writing, and math, with a particular focus in math.  Teachers will be focused on improving instructional practices. We will be analyzing our student data from DIBELS testing and NWEA Maps, we will be encouraging our students to be active participants in monitoring their own learning, will be giving feedback to one another and students, we will be reading professional books and articles, and implementing highly effective practices and techniques. This will assist us in defining and refining the complexities of teaching and learning.  

I am looking forward to making this year even greater. Every Student, Every Day, is Learning for Life in a Blue Ribbon School! 
As always please feel free to contact me with your comments, questions, concerns, and especially celebrations! 
Warmest Regards for a Wonderful School Year, 
Michelle Lesser